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Winterize Your Pool, Check Out In the Swim Winter Covers and Winterizing Kit and Save $$$

Fourth of July Preparations post image

Fourth of July Preparations

If you're planning on having friends and family over for the holiday, it is best to begin your Fourth of July preparations now. This advice applies for any party you are planning that includes using your swimming pool. CHECKLIST: Clean your filter. A clean filter will provide your guests with clean and sparkling water. Clear your pump [...]

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Start Up Chemicals For Pool Water

You may download and print this Guide: Start Up Chemicals For New Pool Water This product helps keep your plaster from forming unsightly mineral stains and reduces the amount of mineral deposits from forming on equipment. To be used in hard water areas. After initial dose, it is recommended using it every few months as [...]

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How to Acid Wash a Swimming Pool Step by Step

Below is a guide on How to Acid Wash a Swimming Pool. I have also included the video (at bottom) that I created on Acid Washing a Swimming Pool. Remember when dealing with Acid, wear protective gear. I have been in the pool business for over 30 years and in the video you will see [...]

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What should I do with my pool in the winter to keep it from icing over

What Should I Do With My Pool In The Winter?

I get asked this question often, "What should I do with my pool in the winter? I'm not using it, can I run the filter three hours a day?" And so on. The following information may not apply to you if you live in the eastern part of the U.S. But for us here in the west, [...]

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Boy, have I been getting texts, emails and lots of questions asking "WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR POOL TURNS GREEN". I'm going to try to make this short. Throughout my website I have many articles explaining in detail how to prevent a pool from turning green. I will highlight the most important things to focus on. You can't [...]

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Spring Start-Up post image

Spring Start-Up

Spring is right around the corner, at least for us in the west. The main piece of advice I can impart to you is STAY ON TOP OF YOUR POOL MAINTENANCE. Prevention is the name of the game here, and although not all problems are foreseeable, many are preventable. 1) Be sure your pump basket is [...]

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How to Winterize your Pool post image

How to Winterize your Pool

How to winterize your pool: This depends on where you reside. I can only speak of the Western part of the U.S. because that is where I've owned my businesses. 1) If you don't have 'freeze control', then change your timer to turn on around midnight, off around six a.m. As long as water is [...]

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how to keep leaves out of pool

How to Keep Leaves Out of Pool

Learning How to keep Leaves Out of Pool will save you a lot of time! Fall and Winter is the time of year when trees drop their leaves, and of course, whether the tree is yours or your neighbor's, they will inevitably find their way into your pool. To avoid, or at least minimize the frustration [...]

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